The World’s Favourite Disney Songs

Kids of all ages love Disney films, and with their core message of overcoming our struggles and a soundtrack of catchy songs to sing along to, it isn’t hard to see why.

But which Disney songs are the most well-loved? We took to Spotify to find out which feel-good Disney hits come out on top as the most streamed of all time!


We looked at Disney animated films spanning the Golden Age through to the Revival Era.

We took a list of all the Disney songs, using this ranking from Consequence of Sound as our seed list.

Additional songs were added from any films that were released after the ranking was put together, using Wikipedia as a source.

We then collected the Spotify play count for each song, and sorted the list by the most played to give a ranking from most to least popular, and therefore determine the world’s favourites.

Any songs that were not available on Spotify were removed from the list.

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