The World’s Favourite Halloween Party Songs

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means… It’s time to get out the fake blood, spooky snacks and ghoulish decor for your Halloween-themed party.

The only thing you don’t have to worry about is the soundtrack, as we’ve found the ultimate Halloween party playlist with the best songs for your spooky night. We searched 998 playlists and over 123,000 songs to find the 30 most popular scary tracks.

For a truly spooktacular celebration, why not decorate your child’s dolls pram as well, so they can use it to push carved pumpkins around. They can even dress up their interactive dolls in Halloween costumes!

Out of 123,077 songs, the world’s favourite Halloween party song is Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash, which appeared in 386 playlists!

Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller just misses out on the top spot. The iconic track comes in second place and it’s no surprise why considering its monster-themed lyrics and horror-filled music video.

Our ultimate Halloween party playlist features four soundtrack songs, ranging from the This is Halloween theme to the more recent Stranger Things theme song. The top genre is rock – with seven songs it dominates our top 25.

The oldest track on our playlist is also the world’s favourite Halloween song, showing we just can’t get enough of the classics! Although with eleven songs from the 2000s making the cut there are definitely some new favourites. The two newest songs are both by Billie Eilish, ranking in 15th and 22nd place.

Did your favourite Halloween song make the list?


Using The Playlist Miner we searched 998 playlists, with a total of 123,077 songs, containing the words “Halloween party”. The results revealed the total number of playlist appearances of each song. The data is accurate as of 16th September 2022.