The World’s Favourite Halloween Party Songs

Halloween is a great excuse for a party, with lots of spooky party games, weird and wacky food and drink concoctions, and of course, the costumes!

But the music playlist is also a crucial element of any good Halloween party, whether tracks from your favourite scary movies and TV shows or the latest chart hits.

But what are our favourite tunes when it comes to a Halloween party? We’ve scoured over 200 Spotify playlists to find out which songs appear the most!

Having looked at 20,000 songs in total, there was a clear winner: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, with its iconic zombie dance moves from the music video, appeared in 92 ‘Halloween’ playlists, which works out at more than one in every three!

In second was the theme tune to the classic movie Ghostbusters, one of six soundtrack songs to make it into the top twenty, including the ‘Time Warp’ from The Rocky Horror Show and ‘This is Halloween’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The majority of tracks that feature in the top twenty were all from years gone by, with just two from the 21st century. In fact, the majority of our top 20 Halloween songs were released in the 1970s or earlier, with the oldest being released as far back as 1956!

Did your favourite Halloween party song make the list?


We looked at 233 playlists related to the term ‘Halloween’ on Spotify, containing 20,000 songs in total, and counted the number of times each song appeared.