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The World’s Favourite Halloween Party Songs

So you’ve got the fake blood, cobwebs and scary movies all ready for your spooky Halloween weekend. But between making wacky snacks and getting your ghoulish costume, have you thought about the music?

Whether they’re the old classics, new releases or from your favourite movie soundtrack, the tunes at your Halloween party are crucial for setting the mood. 

Lucky for you there’s no need to worry about your playlist. We’ve searched over 200 Spotify playlists and selected the 20 most popular Halloween songs that everyone can’t stop listening to.

Out of 30,000 songs, the world’s favourite song to boo-gie too is Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash, which appeared in 104 playlists!

If you were expecting to see Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller in the top spot, it’s not a mistake. The iconic 1982 tune comes in second place and it’s no surprise why considering its horror-themed music video!

Our top 20 features four soundtrack songs, from the Ghostbusters theme to the more recent Stranger Things. But it’s clear the genre with the most terrifying tracks is Rock – at six songs it dominates our top 20.

Some tunes on our list date as far back as the 50s, but half were released from the 70s-90s, showing we just can’t get enough of the classics! Although with five songs from the 2000s making the cut there’s no denying we’ve got some new favourites.

Did your favourite Halloween song make the list?

Halloween is a great time to wear costumes, carve pumpkins and make food with the whole family. For a truly spooktacular weekend, with a dolls pram your children can dress up and pretend to be parents.


Using Spotify, we searched for playlists using the terms ‘Halloween’ and ‘spooky’ and looked at 226 playlists containing 30,000 songs total. We compiled the song and artist names to find the number of times each song appeared across all 226 playlists. This gave us the most popular Halloween songs.