The World’s Most Popular Disney Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, and getting something that relates to something you really love is one of the biggest motivations behind people’s choice of design.

For die-hard Disney fans, getting a Disney related tattoo is a no-brainer, but with so many great Disney movies out there, the choice is overwhelming. So which Disney tattoos are most people opting for? We took a look on Instagram to see which are the most popular!

1. Alice In Wonderland
80,003 Hashtags

3. Mickey Mouse
24,058 Hashtags

5. Lilo and Stitch
20,778 Hashtags

7. Beauty and the Beast
15,114 Hashtags

9. Snow White
8,063 Hashtags

2. Lion King
26,908 Hashtags

4. Little Mermaid
22,478 Hashtags

6. Peter Pan
18,353 Hashtags

8. Sleeping Beauty
8,561 Hashtags

10. Minnie Mouse
7,281 Hashtags


Several lists of Disney Characters were combined to make our original source list. We then searched Instagram for hashtags relating to each of the most popular characters and films to see which have the most images.

Characters were grouped where they are typically seen as a pair, for example Beauty and the Beast.

Only animated films were included, and characters that exist outside of the Disney universe were excluded (such as Zeus who is part of wider mythology) in order to avoid the results being skewed by non-Disney related tattoos.

We also excluded a number of more minor characters from our original source list, as well as any hashtags with less than 50 results.