5 Reasons Why Daisy Chain are the Best Dolls Prams

an image of two children playing with dolls prams and doll car seats. The children are outdoors stood on a grassy area.

As your children grow, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to copy everything you do. 

Children look up to their mum and dad, so it’s not surprising that they often mirror their actions and try to act just like them.

This role-playing as a parental figure can be critical in nurturing your child’s creativity and building interpersonal skills, so buying toys that encourage this imaginative play is essential.

That’s why Play Like Mum’s Daisy Chain dolls prams make a perfect gift for any child. Play Like Mum understands the importance of the relationship between children and parents / Grandparents  and provides an authentic way for kids to play, provide love and care for their dolls, and create lasting memories with parents. 

If you’re looking for a toy pram for your child, the realistic functions, durability, versatility, and more make Daisy Chain prams the best dolls pram you can buy.

So Why Are Daisy Chain the Best Dolls Pram?

There are plenty of reasons why Daisy Chain Dolls Prams are the best choice for your children. Here are five ways the Daisy Chain Prams stand out from other pram options on the market today.

1. Realistic Pram Functions

With Daisy Chain Dolls Prams, Play Like Mum allows children to create imaginative ways to play and foster creativity and critical interpersonal skills through caring for their dolls.

Daisy Chain Dolls Prams are as realistic as possible to the actual prams children see their parents using. Children grow up wanting to be just like their parents, and with this authentic pram, they can mirror your actions and nurture their family bonds.

Here are just a few of the extensive features and functions that make the Daisy Chain a realistic and authentic toy for your kids to enjoy:

  • Easy folding flat – with just a push of a button, these prams easily fold down, making travel and storage simple
  • Adjustable handles – All products have soft-grip handles, and prams for ages 4-12 offer height-adjustable handlebars that grow with your child so that they can get more use out of their pram
  • Swivel front wheels for effortless steering
  • Easily convert from a forward or rear-facing carrycot
  • Extendable hoods
  • Removable shopping tray for additional storage

2. Frames That Are More Like Real Prams

Along with all the functions that provide a fun and authentic play experience, Daisy Chain prams look just like real prams as well.

The realistic frame mirrors the look of an actual pram, so you can encourage imagination and role-play for your kids as they care for their interactive dolls. Prams that look just like mum and dads will drive kids to use their imagination and creativity during play.

Along with a genuine-looking build, Daisy Chain Dolls Prams come in two classic and stylish designs that any kid will love. You can find these prams in a fun, bright pink or a twilight pattern.

You can also find plenty of realistic accessories to match your pram and enhance your child’s play experience, including rain covers, bags, padded mattresses to line prams, and cosytoes.

3. Quality That Lasts

With how quickly young kids grow, it doesn’t take long for them to outgrow their toys. Play Like Mum understands that your kids grow up fast and designed their prams with this in mind. 

Daisy Chain prams are adjustable and grow with your child, so they can last and provide entertainment throughout your child’s life. Daisy Chain products for children ages 4-7 to 8-12 offer adjustable handles and a wide range of height options, making these prams a perfect choice for children that are constantly outgrowing their favorite toys.

Not only will you not have to worry about your child outgrowing these prams, but you also won’t have to be concerned about products ending up in the trash after extensive use or rough toddler play. Daisy Chain prams are sturdy, high-quality, and built to last, so they won’t break or wear down over time.

Play Like Mum uses only luxurious materials, including super-strong fabric, a robust steel frame, and solid rubber tires, to ensure that these prams will last and you won’t have to throw them away, even with years of play. 

4. We’ve Got Over 30 Years of Experience in the Dolls Pram Industry

With over 30 years of experience designing dolls prams, Play Like Mum has the tools and knowledge to create well-made toys that nurture children’s creativity and family bonds. We have a passion for celebrating family relationships and creating special memories, and we design prams, pushchairs, and accessories that achieve this goal and provide kids with years of enjoyment.

As the original designer and manufacturers of the previous Silver Cross dolls prams, you can feel sure that all Daisy Chain collection dolls prams and pushchairs will last and provide an exceptional play experience for your child over many years of use.

5. Dolls Prams and Pushchairs to Suit All Age Ranges

No matter your child’s age and how fast they’re growing, the Daisy Chain pram collection has a perfect option for your family. 

Daisy Chain prams and pushchairs are available for all age groups, from toddlers to older and taller children. In fact Daisy Chain have created the largest Dolls Pram in the world with a handle height of nearly 1 metre. Unlike the competition, when Daisy Chain tells you it is suitable for children up to 13 years old, it is true!

Dolls Prams For 1 to 3 Year Olds

Their Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair is perfect for children aged 18 months to three years old, with an extendable mesh hood, foldable design, and a fixed handlebar height of 61 cm. 

These prams are built with durability in mind with a strong frame and high-quality fabric to ensure they last as your toddler plays.

Dolls Prams For 4 to 7 Year Olds

Play Like Mum has a range of products for all kids ages 4-7, including the Zipp Max Pushchair, the Connect 5 in 1v Dolls Pram, and the Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair for playing with two dolls at once. 

These products all come with an adjustable handle height up to 82 cm., making them ideal for growing kids in this age range. 

Dolls Prams For 8 to 12 Year Olds

Daisy Chain also has a special collection of prams which features some of the best prams for taller children. The Destiny Travel System and Daisy Chain also offers the largest Dolls Pram in the world. The Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram offers a single or double pram with over 15 configurations and an adjustable handle height from 67-95 cm for kids up to the age of 13 to play with and enjoy.