Cake Wars: The World’s Favourite Cake

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The world has gone baking mad, and with plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen, more people than ever are trying out their favourite cakes. But what we’re interested in is which cakes are the world’s favourites?

We took a look at a long list of delicious baked treats, comparing search data and Instagram posts to find out which cake is the ultimate favourite across the globe.

Baking the perfect cake is almost a waste of time if you don’t snap a pic of your creation and upload it to social media to show off to your followers, but which are the cakes that are most commonly uploaded to the Gram?

  1. Cupcakes – 26,260,004 posts
  2. Pancakes – 11,675,580 posts
  3. Cheesecake – 11,498,020 posts

The cakes most searched for around the globe

2020 gave us all a lot of time to perfect our favourite recipes, as well as to discover new ones too. Here are the cakes which received the most Google searches over the course of the last 12 months.

  1. Pancakes – 34,100,000 annual searches
  2. Tiramisu – 31,460,000 annual searches
  3. Cheesecake – 26,880,000 annual searches

The cakes rising in popularity the most

Baking exploded in popularity in 2020, as we all looked for ways to fill the time stuck at home, with searches for cake recipes and how to make other sweet treats increasing across the board compared to 2019!

But which cakes saw the biggest increase in popularity in the last 12 months?

The world’s favourite cakes ranked

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We ranked over 300 different types of cake (sourced from Wikipedia’s list of cakes) on the following three factors, giving each cake a normalised score out of ten for each factor, before taking an average overall score across all three factors.

Instagram posts

The number of posts on Instagram that feature each type of cake, based on the number of hashtag mentions as of January 21 2021.

Annual Google searches

The number of global searches made on Google for each type of cake between January and December 2020, according to Google Ads’ Keyword Planner.

Increase in searches

The increase in searches for each cake in 2020 compared to 2019, according to Google Ads’ Keyword Planner.

Taking a list of cakes from Wikipedia and removing any which are not considered cakes, we took the number of Instagram hashtags for each cake. We then took global search data from Ahrefs for each search term, giving us the number of average global searches for each cake. Finally, we searched for these terms in Google Trends, looking at global data from 1st January 2020 to 20th April 2020 to see whether searches have increased from the start of the year.

With all of this data collected, we were able to give a weighted ranking for each cake, giving each factor an equal weighting in order to give our ranking.