Cake Wars: The World’s Favourite Cake

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The world has gone baking mad, and with plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen, more people than ever are trying out their favourite cakes. But what we’re interested in is which cakes are the world’s favourites?

We took a look at a long list of delicious baked treats, comparing search data, trends and Instagram posts to find out which cake is the ultimate favourite across the globe.

  • Cupcakes come out on top with the highest score, largely due to the huge number of Instagram posts – more than 22 million. 
  • This is followed by Tiramisu which has an average of 1.2 million monthly searches.
  • Cupcakes are the most Instagrammed, whereas Tiramisu is the most searched and Devil’s Food Cake has seen the biggest increase in popularity with a search increase of 3,700%.

Top 3 most hashtagged cakes:

  1. Cupcake – 22,383,754 posts
  2. Cheesecake – 9,645,474 posts
  3. Brownie – 5,776,001 posts

Top 3 most searched cakes:

  1. Tiramisu – 1,200,000 monthly searches
  2. Cheesecake – 783,000 monthly searches
  3. Brownie – 509,000 monthly searches

The most searched cakes around the world during lockdown

While many of us are sat at home, cake baking is becoming an increasingly popular activity, but which cakes have shot up in popularity now that we’re spending more time in our kitchens than ever?

The most searched cakes in the UK during lockdown

Brits up and down the country now suddenly have a lot more time on their hands due to the coronavirus lockdown, meaning we’ve finally got a chance to try out all those recipes that we’ve been putting off!

Searches for all kind of different baked treats have skyrocketed in the UK since March 23rd (the date the UK entered lockdown), but the one which has seen the biggest increase of all was actually a bit of a throwback, the classic upside-down cake, with an increase of 230% in searches, followed by two other all-time faves, the carrot cake (225%) and coffee cake (214%).


Taking a list of cakes from Wikipedia and removing any which are not considered cakes, we took the number of Instagram hashtags for each cake. We then took global search data from Ahrefs for each search term, giving us the number of average global searches for each cake. Finally, we searched for these terms in Google Trends, looking at global data from 1st January 2020 to 20th April 2020 to see whether searches have increased from the start of the year.

With all of this data collected, we were able to give a weighted ranking for each cake, giving each factor an equal weighting in order to give our ranking.

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