Why the Daisy Chain collection of dolls prams and pushchairs are perfect for your baby Annabell

an image of two children playing with dolls prams and doll car seats. The children are outdoors stood on a grassy area.

Being a good doll parent means taking extra special care of your doll. Zapf’s Baby Annabell is the perfect doll to look after. Baby Annabell is the UK’s number one nurturing doll brand, and it’s ideal for teaching your kids responsibility and routine all while they play. Your little ones will undoubtedly want to take their Baby Annabell with them everywhere they go, and you’re in luck, because our Daisy Chain collection of doll prams and pushchairs makes the perfect Baby Annabell Pram.

Our Daisy Chain dolls pram collection is designed for every doll, but is absolutely perfect for Baby Annabell. Let your Baby Annabell ride in comfort and take her to all your doll tea parties in style. Here’s why our dolls prams are perfect for Baby Annabell:

  • Feel and look like real prams – Our Daisy Chain collection is designed to look just like a real pram. We’ve spent years curating our collection of doll prams so it looks and feels like the real thing, just like Baby Annabell.
  • Super strong fabric and robust frames – We appreciate how much wear and tear your Baby Annabell will go through, and our prams are no different. We construct all of our prams from the strongest and most durable materials and our fabrics are designed to be both hardwareing and stylish too, so Baby Annabell won’t feel out of place.
  • Suitable for ages 18 months to 12 years old –  There’s a Baby Annabell for every age and within our Daisy Chain collection are dolls prams for 1 to 3 year olds, dolls prams for 4 to 7 year olds and dolls prams for 8 to 12 year olds. There are 3 different prams, each aimed at a different age range, waiting for Baby Annabell to get comfortable.
  • Accessories available for all dolls prams – We offer matching accessories for our Baby Annabell prams, including rainbags, parasols, a padded mattress, shoulder bag and high chair. All are designed to match your Daisy Chain dolls pram and keep Baby Annabell looking stylish.

High Chairs for baby Annabell

Make Baby Annabell feel like a real part of the family with our high chairs. Your little ones can bring their Baby Annabell dolls or Susie Interactive Doll to the dinner table, so they can pretend they’re a real baby waiting to be fed. Not only that but they double up as a car seat and slot into our travel system, perfect for taking Baby Annabell anywhere.

Our Daisy Chain dolls high chairs and dolls car seat are perfect for Baby Annabell:

  • Converts into a car seat for Baby Annabell – take Annabell everywhere and strap her in just like a real baby! Our high chairs double up as a car seat for Baby Annabell.
  • Removable feeding tray – feed Baby Annabell from her high chair!
  • Compatible with the connect 5 in 1 dolls pram – travel system is the most versatile dolls pram we offer, and our high chairs can be attached as an extra pram or pushchair for Baby Annabell to use.

Carriers for your baby Annabell

For something truly special why not try out Daisy Chain 5 in 1 carriage dolls pram? The elegant basket doubles up as a carrycot for Baby Annabell and is available in both of our colourways. The 5 in 1 carrier can be used as a pushchair, pram, high chair, car seat and carrycot for Baby Annabell. 

  • Rear or world facing – you can choose whether you want the pushchair or pram to face forward or back, so your children can let Baby Annabell explore the world while she’s pushed around or keep an eye on her themselves.
  • Adjustable handlebar & height – the daisy chain collection has three different models, each designed for a different age group. Each model has an adjustable handlebar so that it grows with your little ones. 
  • Full versatility – adapt Baby Annabell’s pushchair into a pram, high chair, car seat or carrycot! Something for any occasion like a party, visiting a friend or simply a day out with mum & dad.

Pushchairs for your baby Annabell

Want to show off your Baby Annabell to your friends? Our pushchair toys are the best way to do it! Wrap up Baby Annabell in warm clothes, get her comfy in her pushchair and go out on an adventure!

Our dolls pushchairs offer a single or twin version so if your Baby Annabell has a friend you can take them out too!

  • No assembly required – Our Daisy Chain dolls prams are ready to play with straight from the box. They don’t need any assembly at all!
  • Fold-flat for easy storage –  Each dolls pram is designed to fold up flat so you can store it easily at home or securely in the boot of your car! Take Baby Annabell anywhere.

Read our guide on how to choose the first dolls pushchair for your child to help you find the perfect toy for your little one.