How To Maintain Your Child’s Doll Pram

How To Maintain Your Child’s Doll Pram

At Play Like Mum, we don’t settle for “disposable” doll prams. Instead, our Daisy Chain collection of doll prams & pushchairs are carefully crafted using the sturdiest and high quality materials to ensure little ones can enjoy their doll prams for many years to come. This blog aims to offer some of our top tips and tricks on how to maintain your child’s doll pram so they can really get the most out of it! Making sure your child’s doll pram is well maintained and safe to play with is an essential aspect of ensuring your child’s playtime remains enjoyable and long-lasting. Just like real prams, these miniature versions require a little TLC to stay in top condition. Let’s dive into some practical tips on how to maintain your child’s doll pram, ensuring years of imaginative play.

Our Top Tips On How To Maintain Your Child’s Doll Pram

Whether your child is a toddler, or older and taller, ensuring you maintain a doll pram is really important, both for their safety whilst playing, and also for the longevity of the pram. Let’s waste no time, and get stuck in with our top tips on how to maintain your child’s doll pram.

image of a girl with the daisy dot pocket dolls pram

Regular Cleaning

Just like any other toy, doll prams can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Regular cleaning is important to keep them looking as good as new! We recommend cleaning your child’s doll pram with a soft cloth or sponge, using mild soap and warm water to wipe down the pram’s surfaces. Don’t forget those hard to reach spots where dirt may accumulate!

Check for Loose Parts

Although our child’s doll prams are made with durable, sturdy materials, over time, especially when played with a lot, some parts can become looser. Take a moment to inspect the doll pram for any loose parts. As with a real pram, you may need to tighten screws and bolts as needed to make sure the pram remains safe for your child. This quick check can prevent potential accidents and keep the pram in tip top condition.

Wheel Maintenance

Doll prams, just like real prams, rely on smooth rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability – also to enhance that feeling of ‘real life’ in your child’s imaginative playtime. Every so often, it is useful to check the wheels for any debris, hair, or threads that may have become entangled. A quick spin of the wheels and a wipe down gets the job done and will keep them rolling smoothly.

Fabric Care

Many of our doll prams feature beautiful fabric components. To keep your child’s doll pram looking as good as new, it’s useful to clean the fabric parts of the pram every so often. You can spot clean any spills or stains, and if the fabric is removable, follow the washing instructions provided. This will keep the pram looking fresh and vibrant.

Storage Tips

When playtime is over, encourage your child to park the doll pram in a storage area. This not only mimics real life but is also a really useful tip when it comes to maintaining your child’s doll pram. Avoid leaving it outside, exposed to the elements, as this can lead to premature wear and tear. Storing the doll pram properly not only protects the pram but also teaches your child responsibility and care. 

Weather Awareness

Leading on from our last tip, if you can try and avoid exposing your child’s doll pram to the harsh conditions that the British weather brings! If your child enjoys outdoor play, that’s ok – just be mindful of the weather conditions. A long time in sunlight may cause the colours of the pram to fade, and rain can damage certain materials. If the pram does get wet, don’t worry! Just allow it to air dry completely before storing it to prevent mould or mildew.

Teach Responsible Play

Whilst exploring ways to maintain your child’s doll pram, take the opportunity to teach your child them too, encouraging responsible play! Part of maintaining your child’s doll pram is in their own hands. It can be useful to remind them not to overload the pram with too many dolls or toys, as this can strain the structure and lead to damage. Encouraging gentle handling instils good habits early on, which they can transfer to other aspects of their imaginative play and other aspects of their lives.

image of a girl in a white dress playign with a double dolls pushchair outdoors

Maintaining Your Child’s Doll Pram With Play Like Mum

It is no secret that imaginative play can host so many benefits for children of all ages. Not only will maintaining your child’s doll pram, improve their experience with imaginative play, but it can also teach them core values to impact their development as they grow older. Introducing the habit of looking after our possessions can teach your child things like responsibility and attentiveness, which can hugely benefit them in so many ways! By incorporating these simple maintenance tips into your routine, you’ll ensure that your child’s doll pram remains a cherished part of their playtime adventures. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the magic of childhood.

For more information on how to maintain your child’s doll pram, or to chat about our collection of prams and pushchairs, feel free to get in touch.